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Pensions and Retirement

Teachers' Pension Plan Website
The Teachers' Pension Plan website is your best source of information about the Teachers' Pension Plan and your account. Visit the Teachers' Pension Plan Website

BCTF Advice about your Pension
Sarb Lalli—Assistant Director, Pensions and Group Benefits
Work: 604-871-1949; cell: 236-330-8963

Recent BCTF pension webinars

What you should know about your pension plan

  • Pension contributions

  • Contributory service

  • Pensionable service

  • Salary

  • Vesting

  • Retirement pension

  • Deferred pension

  • Disability pensions

  • Survivor pensions

  • Purchase of service

  • Pension transfers

  • Refunds

  • Reinstatement of refunds

  • Pension calculation

  • Indexation of benefits

  • Re-employment while in receipt of pension

  • Health benefits

  • Joint trusteeship

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Pensions and Workers’ Compensation/ICBC Claims

  • The appeal process

What you should know about purchasing leaves of absence

  • Cost

  • Maximum purchase

  • Eligibility and deadlines

  • Cost estimator

  • Applications for purchase of general leave of absence

  • Purchase of service: maternity and parental/adoption leave of absence cost

  • Timelines and conditions for purchasing leaves of absence in the Teachers’ Pension Plan

What you should know about the Canada Pension Plan

  • Who participates?

  • Retirement pensions

  • CPP Enhancement

  • Post-Retirement benefit

  • Disability pension

  • Survivor's pension

  • Death benefit

  • Orphan's pension

  • Canada Pension Plan—2024 rates

  • CPP Disability Benefits - Application assistance

What you should know about group RRSPs

  • BCTF Group RRSPs

  • Accessing the 1993 plan

  • Accessing the 1996 plan

  • Access for members not covered by 1993 or 1996 plan

What you should know about transferring service from a teachers’ pension plan outside of BC

  • Eligibility

  • Application for transfer of service

  • Transferring service from any Canadian public sector pension plan

  • Calculating the benefit

Where else can you get information?

Pension and Retirement Advice from the Teachers' Pension Plan
Learn more about how your pension works, and how life events and career decisions can affect your pension. Includes information on applying for your pension, divorce and separation, investing, health coverage and more.

Pension and Retirement Glossary from the Teachers' Pension Plan
Pensions can be complicated. This A-Z glossary can help you understand the language.

Webinar: Introduction: Getting to Know Your Pension
This 15-minute online course can answer your questions about having a pension and being a member of BC's Teachers' Pension Plan.

Webinar: Making the Most of Your Pension
Are you establishing your career or several years away from retirement? This will help you plan for retirement and understand how the decisions you make in your career can affect your pension.

Webinar: Approaching Retirement
Are you planning for or within five years of retirement? This will help you understand the important decisions you need to make about your pension.

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