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Administrative Services for Locals

What you should know

Steps to notify BCTF of changes to local executive

  • 1. Check if you are eligible

  • 2. Gather the necessary information

  • 3. Complete the form

Request that a BCTF.ca account be created or deleted for a local union staff member

I want the BCTF to

Tell us about the local union staff member

Information for the BCTF.ca Account

BCTF members, BCTF staff members, and everyone else who requests access to confidential information on BCTF.ca must use an individual account which is not shared with anyone else.

Because individuals log in to BCTF.ca using their email address, the email address you provide next as a  username can't also be used by another staff members as their username. 

This email address is unique

Local Authorization

Confirmation of authorization
E.g. President, vice-president, local union support staff
Confirmation of account security for new accounts (if applicable)
Once received, this request must be manually processed by the Member Records department of the BCTF. This process takes three business days and you will not be able to login using this account until it is created.
Confirmation of timeline for new accounts (If applicable)
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