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What is Teacher Inquiry?

  • Professional development opportunity for a group of teachers to collaborate on an inquiry topic they develop that is related to the current BCTF Priorities
  • Participants investigate an inquiry question and reflect on their project
  • Process that involves professional learning communities where participants decide on the focus of the inquiry
  • Teacher Inquiry Program involves:
    • reflection of lived experiences
    • open-ended questions
    • collaboration of colleagues
    • professional conversations
    • extending understanding of practice through critical discourse
    • planning and initiating some form of action for change
    • distributed leadership
    BCTF facilitators help guide through the inquiry process of 6 half-day sessions:
    • Introduction to the teacher inquiry process
    • Teachers develop and refine an inquiry question
    • Teachers carry out the inquiry question (research / data collection)
    • Teachers synthesize and analyze the findings of the inquiry project
    • Teachers plan, prepare, and finalize the project
    • Teachers share / present and celebrate the inquiry project process

Apply for Teacher Inquiry Program

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