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Professional Development Lens

The Professional Development Lens presents criteria for members to consider, individually and collectively, when making informed and autonomous Professional Development choices.

The inner ring consists of three factors that are necessary for an activity to be considered professional development. If any of the three are not present, then the activity should not be seen as professional development.

The factors in the outer ring are critical to the success of teacher-directed professional development as a collective endeavour.

In turn, this collective work provides the necessary conditions for all teachers to be able to create their own rich tapestries of appropriate professional learning.



Teaching and Classroom Resources

Teachers helping teachers with free downloadable lesson plans, and classroom resources.

  • The teaching resources are free
  • There are social justice, Aboriginal Education and BC specific resources not available anywhere else
  • The resource sharing system is consistent with the BCTF Code of Ethics and collective agreement

As a BCTF member, you can receive a complimentary membership in a Provincial Specialist Association when you upload your first teaching resource.


Teacher eBook Library

Our online eBook collection includes thousands of book to help you with your teaching practice – all for free.

Our education eBook collection includes books on classroom management, integrated aboriginal ways of knowing, advice for new teachers, teaching strategies and more


Get involved with a Provincial Specialist Association

The BCTF includes over 30 Provincial Specialist Associations. PSAs are channels for members to exchange ideas on research, teaching strategies, curriculum development, and other shared interests.

By joining a Provincial Specialist Association you can

  • Participate in provincial and regional Provincial Specialist Association conferences
  • Attend special workshops organized by Provincial Specialist Associations
  • Subscribe to newsletters and publications for Provincial Specialist Association members
Teacher Inquiry Project

Teacher Inquiry is a teacher-organized, teacher-led professional development.

This webinar answers most questions you may have about Inquiry. You will also hear stories from the field, success stories on how Inquiry is helping and transforming the teaching practice.

Watch all videos
Apply for Teacher Inquiry Project


Peer Support

Peer Support Services

If you have ever hit a tough patch in your teaching career, you may have wondered where to turn to for help and coaching. Who can you call? Where are the resources? When is it safe to admit you could use some colleague support? Who can actually help with the classroom practice questions you have?

The Federation has such a service to support teachers with their teaching practice. This Peer Support Service is designed to provide direct, individual assistance to active teachers who are experiencing difficulty with their teaching practice, and may be on plans of assistance or personally concerned.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics states general rules for all members of the BC Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) for maintaining high standards of professional service and conduct toward students, colleagues, and the professional union. Members are advised to contact local union officers or appropriate BCTF staff for advice on how to proceed with issues related to the BCTF Code of Ethics.

Read BCTF Code of Ethics

New Teachers and Teachers Teaching on Call

The BC Teachers’ Federation offers new teachers and teachers teaching on call, assistance, support, and encouragement through its many services, programs, and publications.


Supports for French as a first or working language teachers

Le Bureau des programmes et services en français can assist members in finding information regarding French language education in areas such as training, locating resources, professional development, activities for students and more.