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Personal Data Form

Complete the form below and click the Submit button to update your contact information with the BCTF Member Records and Fees Department. Please complete as much information as possible and/or applicable. This will enable us to update your record and serve you better. Thank you.

Please note, if you have tried resetting your password and retrieving your BCTF Member ID, but are still unable to login to the BCTF Portal, it is likely that we do not have a correct home email on file for you.

Filling out this form will enable us to ensure your correct home email is on file.

BCTF Privacy Policy

Legal first name
Preferred name
Last name
Middle name
Former last name
(if applicable)
Birthdate (yyyy/MONTH/dd)  
District employee #   
School District #
Email (home)
to be used for BCTF communications, including member matters (not SD email)   
Email (work)
Phone number (home)
Phone number (cell)

We will send you a confirmation email once your information has been updated.

If you are having trouble logging in to the BCTF Portal, please wait until the confirmation email is received before attempting login again.

If you have any difficulties with this form submission, please contact the Webmanager.

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