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13th Conference of the
Tri-National Coalition
in Defense of Public Education

Mexico—United States—Canada

November 9—11, 2018


What is the Tri-national Coalition?

The Tri-national Coalition was initiated in 1993 in response to NAFTA, the tri-national trade agreement that included Canada, the US and Mexico. It has continued to work on issues related to the impact on the three countries around education and the impact of neo-liberal policies that are central to the global "trade" agreements. 

Apply to be a BCTF delegate to the 13th Conference in Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico!

Six (6) members will be selected as participants from the general membership. Members of equity seeking groups are particularly encouraged to apply.

Applications consist of:

  • BCTF Curriculum Vitae Form
  • Letter indicating why you want to attend and how you would use the learnings from the conference when you return to your local and school.

Please, e-mail your application (or questions) to researchassistants@bctf.ca; or apply by mail to:

BCTF International Solidarity Program
100-550 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4P2

Fax No.: (604)-871-2294

The deadline for applications is September 28, 2018

More information and Guidelines for Participants of the 13th Tri-National Conference in Defense of Public Education.

Read the Call to Meeting letter by the Organizing Committee of the Mexican Section of the Tri-national Coalition.

12th Tri-national Conference—Vancouver, CA 2016

11th Tri-national Conference—Chicago, USA 2014

10th Tri-national Conference —Mexico, City 2012

7th Tri-national Conference—Oaxaca, Mexico 2006

5th Tri-national Conference—Zacatecas, Mexico 2001

4th Tri-national Conference—Queretaro, Mexico 1998

Tri-national Coalition website provides information from three previous Tri-national conferences. http://www.trinationalcoalition.org/

About the Tri-national Coalition

The many aspects of the BCTF's international solidarity activities can be explored from International Solidarity Program.


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