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A Brief to the Ministry of Education from the BC Teachers’ Federation, August 2017 


The BC Teachers’ Federation is pleased to welcome a new Minister of Education and appreciates the commitment of government having “a completely different and fresh attitude towards public education.”  

This provides an opportunity for us to review and make recommendations on many of the issues and policies important to the public education system and the students and teachers who make up that system.  

A fresh orientation to working with teachers and their BCTF opens the door for resolving many issues, some that have been awaiting action for a considerable time. We appreciate that the new Minister has substantial background in the issues facing public education and will be able to act quickly. To facilitate this, we offer this brief to bring together in one place many of the BCTF concerns and proposals that require some action.

We look forward to these issues on the agenda of meetings with the Minister and other Ministry education officials. 

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