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Teaching Certification and Salaries in BC

BC Ministry of Education, Professional Conduct Unit

To teach in a public school in BC, you will need a teaching certificate issued by the BC Ministry of Education. The Ministry of Education assesses applicants for certification, evaluates teacher education programs, issues teaching certificates, and enforces standards for certificate holders.

BC Teachers' Council

The council is responsible for setting standards for teachers in the areas of teacher education, certification, conduct and competence.

Salary information

Current salary grids are available in PDF format.

Upgrading your TQS salary category

Teachers wishing to upgrade their TQS category must meet the requirements as determined by the TQS. Please contact the TQS before starting your studies.

Teacher Qualification Service (TQS)

All teachers in public schools must be assigned a Teacher Qualification Service (TQS) category. These categories are used by school boards for salary placement purposes. An advisory service to school boards and locals, the Teacher Qualification Service evaluates the qualifications of teachers employed in the public school system of BC, and determines salary categories.

The TQS was established in 1969. Prior to this, the British Columbia Department of Education issued certificates to teachers which allowed them to teach in BC public schools and assisted school districts in determining their placement on district salary grids. The Department of Education decided that the determination of teacher salaries should be separated from the function of certification. It was because of this that in 1968 the BC School Trustees Association and the BC Teachers' Federation created a neutral and independent body to deal with the issue of relating teacher salaries to their level of training. The TQS is a non-profit society funded jointly by the BCTF and the BCSTA.

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