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What is a Teacher Inquiry Project?

  • A teacher-organized, teacher-led professional development.
  • Groups of teachers who come together to pose questions about their teaching and their practices.
  • Teachers who spend time exploring their own questions through a guided process.
  • Multiple project groups around the province will be led by a BCTF Teacher Inquiry Facilitator.
  • The BCTF facilitators will provide guidance and resources for all of the project sessions.  
  • They will assist teachers move through the BCTF Teacher Inquiry Cycle.
    View the process chart hereTIP cycle - full
     (la version française ici).
  • Participants will meet with the assigned BCTF facilitator for six sessions (usually ½ days).
  • Participants will work on their inquiry projects in between meetings as well.

Examples of Possible Processes and Methods

  • collaborative conversations
  • case studies
  • project based learning
  • action research
  • journaling
  • surveys
  • interviews

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