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Teachers Teaching on Call

Our New Teachers' page may also contain information of interest to teachers teaching on call.

TTOCs and the BCTF

Employment insurance


Seniority for all

Seniority for both contract teachers and TTOCs is the theme of our Seniority for all pamphlet. Contract teachers want post and fill that is based on seniority and TTOCs want seniority for call-out and to use their TTOC seniority in a meaningful way: that is to use their seniority to get a contract position.

Task Force on TTOC Work in BC and TTOC call out system

The Task Force on TTOC Work in BC was created by the BCTF Executive Committee in response to the 2009 AGM recommendation to investigate the issue of retired teachers working as TTOCs to determine if this impacted on the availability of work for non-retired TTOCs. Call out models, including preferential, rotational and seniority were researched, and members were asked to make submissions on call out models and the issues regarding retired teachers working as TTOCs. The task force report was released at the 2010 BCTF AGM.

The following task force documents are in PDF format.

The BCTF encourages locals through mid-contract modifications, to secure contract language that provides for an objective TTOC callout procedure and the elimination of preference practices.

Teachers voted to support seniority call out at the 2007 AGM. Members are invited to be involved in further discussions on TTOC seniority and contact information is listed in It’s about seniority

A day in the life of a teacher teaching on call

View the video presenting four scenarios that a teacher teaching on call may be familiar with. Katie and Rob, Teachers Teaching on Call from the Surrey and Vancouver Elementary locals, bring attention to the isolation that a TTOC may feel, a health and safety issue, professional relationships, and the role that TTOCs play in creating a quality public school system.

New Video: Rough Start (Sep 2012)


BCTF Conference for New Teachers, New TTOCs, and Student Teachers / Conférence de la FECB pour nouveaux enseignants, nouveaux suppléants et maîtres-stagiaires

The 20th annual New Teachers, New TTOC’s and Student Teachers Conference took place on March 2 and 3, 2018 at the Radisson Hotel in Richmond. 

La 20e conférence annuelle pour nouveaux enseignants, nouveaux suppléants et maîtres-stagiaires a eu lieu les 2 et 3 mars 2018 à l’hôtel Radisson à Richmond.Nous acceptons désormais les propositions d'ateliers 



2016: In 2014, BCTF Research designed and conducted a survey of teachers teaching on call in BC, in collaboration with the Teachers Teaching on Call Advisory Committee. Three reports are now available that describe what was learned from survey respondents about their working conditions, teacher and employment characteristics, employment intentions, local/union activity and supports, financial information, priority solutions, and perceptions of satisfaction and stress in their work.

The lived experience of Teachers Teaching on Call in British Columbia’s public schools: The 2014 TTOC Working Conditions survey

2008: The findings of the 2008 Teachers Teaching on Call (TTOC) Working Conditions survey are now available. The survey asked TTOC across the province about reasons for working as a TTOC, adequacy of work assignments and income, satisfaction with working conditions, and to comment on their experience as a TTOC. Survey respondents had a lot to say about their day-to-day experience as well as what can be done to improve their working conditions.  A BCTF research report summarizing the findings is also available.

Other Research Reports on surveys of Teachers Teaching on Call can be found here.

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