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Get involved with a Provincial Specialist Association

The BCTF includes over 30 Provincial Specialist Associations. PSAs are channels for members to exchange ideas on research, teaching strategies, curriculum development, and other shared interests.  

By joining a Provincial Specialist Association (PSA) you can:

  • Participate in provincial and regional PSA conferences
  • Attend special workshops organized by PSA
  • Subscribe to newsletters and publications for PSA members

What do PSAs do?

  • PSA conferences
    Each year, scores of volunteers organize provincial and regional conferences for colleagues. 
  • PSA workshops
    Many PSAs offer workshops for schools or districts, often at cost. Please contact PSAs directly for more information on the workshops that they offer.  
  • PSA publications
    Volunteers, who are teachers themselves, produce newsletters and/or journals. BCTF members may join any of the Federation's PSAs. Subscriptions to PSA publications are available to non-BCTF members or institutions.  
  • E-mail lists