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Grade 4-7
Subject Cross-Curricular
Resource type Activity
Duration 60 minutes

About This Resource

The Furious Fractions game is an attempt to make learners increase their fluency with fractions while also incorporating Aboriginal content into the learning process. Students will be grouped together and assigned a Tsimshian village that they must protect from an impending attack from a Haida war canoe. To protect their village they must create whole numbers from a loose collection of varying fractions in an assigned bag. Once they have made a whole number they will be rewarded a piece of fortification. Their village will only be safe once it has been entirely fortified and this must be achieved before the Haida war canoe arrives. The war canoe is moving towards the villages at a set rate and so the students' time is limited. The game is exciting and can be developed for varying math levels. The addition of sound effects such as drumming and other printed materials can act to further engage learners.
Furious Fraction Game