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Grade K-3
Subject Arts Education, Drama
Resource type Handbook/Resource guide

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In this unit, students will learn to identify how animals were and continue to be relied upon and an important part of the lives of First Peoples — furs and skins for clothing and shelter, meat for food, bone and antler for tools and weapons, etc. Sharing stories and teachings from various First Peoples of the province of British Columbia will shed light on the diversity of the peoples, as well as a range of concepts in understanding the important role animals played in the beliefs, traditions and lives of the peoples. The resources used in this unit represent a variety of regions, including the Northwest Coast, Shuswap (Secwépemc) and Nunavut (Inuit), and the relevance of different animals in each location. To supplement these resources, teachers are encouraged to look for relevant oral and printed texts from the local region.
Our Animal Neighbours

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  • Nov 5, 2014