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Grade 10-12
Subject English Language Arts
Resource type Lesson plan/Unit plan

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Students will examine the role(s) of Trickster characters in the literature of First Peoples. Trickster characters come in a variety of forms; this unit will examine three of these Tricksters: Raven, Coyote, and Nanabush. Beginning with an introductory essay on Trickster, the students will explore literature from a variety of genres, including traditional stories, oral stories, short fiction, poetry, and film. The central question to be answered in this unit is “What roles does Trickster play in the literature of First Peoples?” Through the examination of various texts, students will come to understand that Trickster has been used by writers to teach lessons, involve humour, act as a symbol, provide social commentary, and a variety of other purposes. Despite these various purposes, the Trickster characters maintain some essential traits.
Trickster Unit  English First Peoples 12

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  • Nov 6, 2014