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The severe weather of the past several days has resulted in almost unfathomable levels of damage and devastation to infrastructure, homes, and entire communities throughout parts of the Okanagan, southern BC and Vancouver Island.

Our hearts are with every affected BCTF member, your students, your families, and your communities, as you navigate this incredibly difficult crisis. We stand behind you and are committed to supporting all members throughout the province in this time of need.

Below are some key resources that may be useful to members in affected and/or at-risk areas.

Emergency financial aid for affected BCTF members

Members in financial need can apply to the BCTF Assistance Society to access emergency assistance for cases such as medical emergencies, housing emergencies, local disasters, personal disaster, and family crisis.

Click here for more information and to access the application form.

Before, during, and after a flood: What you need to know

The Government of BC has a detailed flood preparedness guide that provides advice and checklists to support planning for members who may be at risk of further flooding and/or alerts and evacuations.

This page includes links to public safety information and resource pages for other hazards, including landslides, severe weather, and power outages.

Emergency Info BC—flooding updates, road closures, evacuee information

This page contains the latest updates on the state of flooding in BC, road closures, evacuee registration, and Emergency Support Services Reception Centre locations.

The Government of BC regularly updates this interactive map with emergency-related information, including Evacuation Alerts & Orders and Flood Watches & Warnings.

Mental health support

BC Mental Health Support Line, available 24 hours a day at 310-6789 (no area code)
KUU-US Indigenous Crisis Line at 1-800-588-8717 (toll free, 24/7 support available)
Kids Help Phone: Text CONNECT to 686868

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