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Poverty and Education Research at BCTF


Poverty and Education survey: A teacher’s perspective

The BC Teachers’ Federation conducted the Poverty and Education survey: A teacher’s perspective with teachers across British Columbia, building on focus group research with teachers in four school districts. The objectives of the provincial survey were to document, from a teacher’s perspective, the poverty-related needs of students, assess the adequacy of resources to meet these needs, and identify what resources are most needed to address poverty issues within BC public schools and the community.


Summary of the findings

Chapter reports

Chapter 1: Teachers who responded to the survey and the students they teach

Chapter 2: Child poverty in BC public schools and economic pressures on families

Chapter 3: Hungry students in BC public schools and the adequacy of school meal programs to support them

Chapter 4: School fees and equal access to participation in school activities

Chapter 5: Poverty and school attendance: Barriers and possible solutions

Chapter 6: Staff awareness and understanding about poverty issues

Chapter 7: Adequacy of resources to address learning gaps and poverty-related needs of students in BC public schools

Chapter 7 Supplement: Widening the socio-economic gap? Teachers' concerns about unequal student access to technology and the impact on learning 

Chapter 7 Summary: Resources fall well short of the need: Summary of the findings in the context of the underfunding of BC public schools

Chapter 8: Students in need of vision, hearing, and speech/language support, and poverty-related barriers to accessing these services

Chapter 9: What is needed to support students and families experiencing poverty, and teachers' recommendations for what needs to change

Research vignettes

One-page research vignettes on each of the topic areas for use in workshops as a catalyst for discussion of the research findings.

Focus-group research findings

Poverty and education: A teacher's perspective - Summary of the findings of the focus group research (BCTF research report 2012-EI-01)

The focus-group and survey research were conducted by BCTF Research, in collaboration with the BCTF Anti-poverty action group of the Committee for Action on Social Justice.


Views of adult educators on poverty-related barriers that make it difficult for adult students to complete adult education courses (BCTF discussion paper)

Adult education: An essential element in a poverty reduction plan to improve economic opportunities for low-income individuals and families (BCTF research report RR2013-02)

Chapter 6: Adult educators’ views on the impact of poverty on adult learners and the adequacy of resources to support them (From the Adult Education study)

The discussion paper and survey on poverty and education issues in adult education were conducted by BCTF Research, in collaboration with the BCTF Adult Education Advisory Committee.

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