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BCeSIS shuts down in report card season

Reports from locals around the province reiterate the problems that arise with BCeSIS at report card time.

A report from the Kootnays indicates that some school districts have report cards due from teachers on November 23 and  BCeSIS has an outage scheduled for November 22. 

When teachers asked about changing the date for the outage, this was the response:

“The Provincial BCeSIS Team reviewed the possibility of changing the scheduled November 22nd outage and unfortunately they cannot change this.  As such, please be advised that the outage will go ahead on this date and last until approximately 1:00pm mst.”

This may be an error in indicating the specific time since the message on the BCeSIS web site says:

Please be advised that we will be using our scheduled maintenance window on Sunday November 22nd, 2009 between 01:00am and 02:30am PT to perform preventative maintenance. The BCeSIS environment may not be available during this time.

The BCeSIS web site is at www.isw-bc.ca/csi/node.do?method=display&page=CSIHOME.

Some of the responses from several districts to an inquiry about how things went with report cards on BCeSIS this fall:

  • The system crashed on me numerous times from Nov. 2 onwards.
  • “Entering one class in particular, PE 9, my comments were lost 8-10 times using various computers.”
  • “I pass on the concerns of quite a number of our teachers who have reported that the program for the purposes of writing report cards is cumbersome.  In a word, frustrating.”
  • “Asking for reports on problems with BCeSIS is a bit like giving an engineer an abacus to calculate a moon launch trajectory, then asking if the abacus is functioning properly.  I think eSIS is functioning as designed.  It’s the design that’s flawed.”
  • “We have teachers with up to 4 grade splits and BCeSIS is a nightmare.”
  • “Rural teachers can not input any information from home because of the lack of high speed internet and even when you are somewhere that has high speed the program often shuts down and you lose everything that you have been working on. To say the least, our teachers are frustrated and discouraged.”

Message from the BCeSIS Service Desk at Monday, November 16, 2009 9:36 AM

“Subject:  Users Unable to Log Onto BCeSIS

“Please be advised that users are experiencing an inability to log onto BCeSIS.  The BCeSIS Team is working on a solution to this issue.  You will be receiving status updates until this problem is resolved.  We appreciate your cooperation.”

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