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Call for Participants:  
COVID-19 and Food Security in BC Virtual Think Tank
November 4 - Dec 2, 2020

Among the inequities that have been exposed and amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic, access to affordable and healthy food has become a crisis for many students and their families. To explore this issue from the perspective of teachers, the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation (BCTF) is holding a “virtual think-tank” with teachers across the province in Fall 2020.  

The think tank will consist of 4 virtual sessions to be held over the course of one month (November 4 - Dec 2, 2020):

  • Session 1: Webinar open to all members featuring a panel discussing key issues related to food security in schools in BC (Wednesday November 4, 4-6 p.m.)
  • Session 2: Workshop for selected participants only, focusing on sharing teacher experiences and perspectives on food security (Monday November 16, 10 – 2 p.m.)
  • Session 3:  Workshop for selected participants only focusing on recommendations for the BCTF, building on the discussions from Session 2 (Monday November 23, 10 – 2 p.m.)
  • Session 4:  Town Hall on Food Security open to all members and focus on sharing recommendations from the previous sessions. Think-tank participants will be engaged as facilitators/moderators/content generators (Wednesday December 2, 4-6 p.m.)  

14 members from the general membership will be selected to participate.  Successful applicants must be available to attend all 4 sessions. The BCTF will arrange for release time for workshop participants on November 16 and 23.   

If you’re interested in participating, please complete the COVID-19 and Food Security in BC Virtual Think Tank application form.  

Please e-mail your application to or mail to: BCTF Research, 100-550 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4P2; Fax: (604) 871-2294.   

Deadline for applications is November 6, 2020, 4:30pm.

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