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Professional and Social Issues Division

The purpose of the division is to enhance student learning by promoting and supporting socially responsible quality teaching.

Key elements of work in the division:

  • Career-long teacher development (recruitment, pre-service, certification, induction/mentoring, and ongoing professional development)
  • Curriculum and education policy
  • Social justice programs to support safe, nurturing, and inclusive environments in which all teachers and students can work and learn
  • Quality teaching and support for at-risk teachers
  • Aboriginal education
  • Training and support for local leaders and professional development and social issues networks
  • Programs and services for French-speaking members
  • Lesson aids and teacher resources
  • Support for new teachers and liaison with the teacher education institutions.
  • Advocacy for teachers in matters related to the BC College of Teachers and the Teacher Qualification Service.


Priorities of PSID

  1. Focus on professional leadership
    • Assert the central role of members in student learning and in the development of education policy at the school, district, and provincial levels.
    • Advocate, in all venues, for continued improvements in students’ learning conditions.
    • Exercise professional autonomy in the planning, delivery, and assessment of education to students.
    • Challenge the achievement/assessment/accountability agenda at the school, district, and provincial levels.
    • Establish control by BCTF members of our professional development.
    • Promoting and supporting quality teaching practices that support the needs of teachers throughout their careers
  2. Focus on social justice
    • Advocate for a quality public education system that is free and equitablefor all students, and resists privatization and commercialization.
    • Promote the work of the revitalized social justice program with locals, PSAs, and members.
    • Extend the work of the Federation in Aboriginal education in all locals.