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Grade 4-7, 8-9
Subject Cross-Curricular
Resource type Assessment, Classroom printable
Duration 60 minutes

About This Resource

Choose Your Voice offers four action-packed units that comprehensively explore prejudice, stereotypes and historical oppression. Students will learn from a variety of media, lessons, activities and discussions, with opportunities to brainstorm, share and compare, participate in class discussions and create graphic organizers. In original five-minute documentary videos, narratives of historical events are described first-hand by survivors. Written by teachers for teachers, the lessons are easy to use, thought-provoking and powerful. Minority groups such as Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and First Nations are represented in the resource to offer students a wide range of perspectives and well-rounded education on the topics presented. Students are encouraged to speak up against all injustices and not be bystanders. Teachers register for free (always).
Choose Your Voice

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