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Website hosting for Locals and PSAs at BCTF

The BCTF provides free website hosting for BCTF locals and provincial specialist associations. If your local or PSA would like to maintain a website on the BCTF web server, send a request to We will need the name of your Local/PSA, an e-mail contact and a phone number. Once approved and set up, we will contact you by e-mail with detailed information.

Due to the limited internal resources available, the BCTF's web hosting support is limited and we do not currently support hosting for database driven sites (e.g., Wordpress). Many locals/PSAs have websites hosted by other web hosting providers. Although this means a cost for having the website hosted, it also provides more options for the functionality of the site. If your Local/PSA will be taking (or has taken) this route, please provide us with your site's URL so we can add a link on our Local/PSAs websites page.

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