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The BCTF’s systemic review of racism is designed to identify where the Federation is at in terms of advancing racial equity and where the organization needs to go. Through a review of key documents, dialogues with members, and a questionnaire, the goal is to prepare a “pathways and actions” document that will lead the BCTF towards a more anti-racist union environment.

This work is guided by practices that ensure the project is responsive to and driven by member voices. Such practices include:

  • An approach that helps identify current gaps in core areas of the Federation.
  • An approach that minimizes and mitigates asking Aboriginal or Indigenous, Black, and other members of colour about personal experiences of racism.
  • An approach that recognizes the agency of Aboriginal or Indigenous, Black, and other members of colour by seeking their advice about systemic change based on their professional and lived expertise and experiences.
  • A process that is iterative and transparent in design and will result in concrete actions and pathways towards dismantling systemic racism and oppression.
For more information about how to participate in the dialogue sessions, please check out the post here.

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