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The Stewart Schon Health and Safety Award will be granted to a member or honorary associate member who has made an outstanding and sustained contribution to the health and safety of BCTF members.

Stewart Schon’s contributions to health and safety at both the provincial and local levels were many. He was the BCTF Health and Safety Advisory Committee’s only chairperson from the committee’s inception until his death in March 2006. When the BCTF Health and Safety Training program was established, Stewart was one of the first trainers. He co-facilitated the first workshop presented by the program. He continued as a trainer until his death and facilitated or co-facilitated more than 45 joint committee workshops that trained more than 1,300 health and safety representatives. In addition, he facilitated numerous health and safety SURT workshops. Stewart was one of the only people outside the BCTF office who represented members in WCB appeals and as such assisted many members with their WCB claims.

Other contributions at the provincial level included writing articles for Teacher magazine, mentoring many new BCTF health and safety trainers, and representing the BCTF on the BC Federation of Labour Health and Safety Standing Committee. As a BCTF representative on the BC Federation of Labour Education Project Steering Committee, Stewart contributed significantly to the development of the Young Worker Health and Safety workshop that has instructed tens of thousands of high school students in their basic health and safety rights.

Stewart was extremely active in his local even before teachers had full bargaining rights, and during three rounds of local bargaining, when he bargained many important provisions for members. He served on the Surrey Teachers’ Association’s executive committee in several capacities including president and grievance officer and was the STA’s first health and safety officer.

Stewart Schon passed away on March 29, 2006, after a courageous battle with cancer. He was 54 years old.

Nominating procedures

  • The award may be made annually, at the Annual General Meeting, to a person or persons who have made a significant contribution to the health and safety of BCTF members. The outstanding contribution may be related to a single health and safety issue or may be related to a significant body of work that has contributed to the health and safety of BCTF members.
  • Nominations should consist of a summary of the basis for the nomination as per the criteria not to exceed three pages in length, including any supporting letters or other documents.
  • Nominations may be submitted by locals, groups of members, or individual members.
  • The award will be determined by decision of the Executive Committee at the February Executive Committee meeting.
  • No member of the Executive Committee, holding office at the time of selection, be eligible to be nominated for the award.

DEADLINE: January 31, 2024

Complete the nomination form and send it by email to the attention of Amber Mitchell, Executive Director amitchell@bctf.ca

 You will receive a reply confirmation email that your nomination has been received.

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