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Health and Safety Training and Workshops Program

The purpose of this program is:

  • To prevent worker illness and injury in the public education system
  • To ensure that the BCTF has effective courses available for joint health and safety committee members who take educational leave under Section 135 of the Workers Compensation Act.
  • To provide health and safety training to joint health and safety committee members and school union representatives

Cost of workshops for joint committee training

As part of its commitment to provide cost-effective training, the BCTF will bill the school district a flat fee of $1,000 per day or $500 per half-day, to cover all the costs of our facilitators. The school district is responsible for any reasonable travel, meal, and room costs of participants. In addition, the school board is expected to pay for the photocopying of all workshop materials.

Education leave for health and safety training

Section 135 of the Workers Compensation Act states:

  1. Each member of a joint committee is entitled to an annual educational leave totaling 8 hours, or a longer period if prescribed by regulation, for the purposes of attending occupational health and safety training courses conducted by or with the approval of the Board.
  2. A member of the joint committee may designate another member as being entitled to take all or part of the member's educational leave.
  3. The employer must provide the educational leave under this section without loss of pay or other benefits and must pay for, or reimburse the worker for, the costs of the training course and the reasonable costs of attending the course.

What if the employer refuses to allow a member an educational leave to attend BCTF courses?

Contact the BCTF Health and Safety Officer immediately at 604-871-1891 or 1-800-663-9163, local 1891.