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Get in touch with the labor movement's fighting spirit in Chicago!

Labor Notes Conferences are the biggest gatherings out there of grassroots union activists, worker center leaders, and all-around troublemakers.

  • Join thousands of union members, officers, and labor activists who are on the front lines in our workplaces and our communities, organizing new workers and agitating together. Meet troublemakers from across the country and around the world.
  • Hundreds of meetings and workshops include creative organizing tactics, beating apathy, running for local union office, winning contract campaigns, bargaining over technology, understanding the economy, life after “right to work,” and reviving the strike.
  • Organize with others in your union, industry, or campaign. Face-to-face meetings to share tactics and swap notes are the heart of the Labor Notes Conference. Join an existing industry, union, or caucus meeting—or contact us to set one up when we get closer.

This is an exciting opportunity for teacher activists to attend one of the world’s largest gatherings of grassroots union activists in the world.

The BCTF is accepting applications for:

  • ·one member who is in their first five years of teaching
  • ·one member or who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a person of colour.

The selection will take place at the December 9–11, 2021 EC Meeting.


Successful applicants will have to meet the COVID-19 requirements for entering the United States at the time of the travel and will have all their expenses covered (including COVID-19 tests if necessary).

Deadline: Friday, December 3, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

To apply please complete the online CV application form 


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