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The BCTF has established an award, the Connie Jervis Early Career Teaching Award, to be granted to a BCTF member in the first 10 years of their career, who has made an outstanding contribution to the pursuit of the BCTF goals for public education and BCTF members. 
Some of you may be familiar with the legacy of Connie Jervis and what has been called the “Langley Affair,” but for those who may not be aware, in 1939–40, Connie Jervis and her leadership of a small group of approximately 40 Langley teachers played an important role in securing labour rights that would require school boards to participate in binding arbitration to settle salary disputes.
As a 24-year-old teacher early in her career, Connie Jervis stood up to threats, firings, forced transfers, and public ridicule, insisting on teachers’ right to be paid their legally arbitrated salaries. Despite fierce opposition and acts of intimidation, Connie Jervis and her colleagues remained united, strong, and unwilling to back down to the school board.
In establishing an award in honour of Connie Jervis, the Federation recognizes the historical legacy and leadership of this young teacher, but also highlights the important contributions of current members in the early stages of their career. Like Connie Jervis, these members are integral to the collective and continued strength of the Federation, and this award recognizes and acknowledges their accomplishments. 

You can read more about the legacy of Connie Jervis on page 4 of the March 2012 edition of Teacher magazine.

Connie Jervis Early Career Teaching Award criteria is as follows:

  1. the Connie Jervis Early Career Teaching Award be granted to a member who has made an outstanding contribution to public education and is currently in their first 10 years of teaching.
  2. members, Local Presidents, Local Representatives, and the provincial specialist association presidents be informed annually of the criteria and process for nomination for the Connie Jervis Early Career Teaching Award.
  3. a call for nominations, with a brief biography of Connie Jervis, be sent to members by November 15 each year and the deadline for nominations be January 31.
  4. nominations consist of a summary of the basis for the nomination as per the criteria, not to exceed two pages in length and be accompanied by no more than three supporting letters.
  5. the major criteria for receipt of the award remain “an outstanding contribution to public education.” Exemplary service to colleagues through activism in the BCTF is a major avenue for making such an outstanding contribution.
  6. no member of the Executive Committee, holding office at the time of selection, be eligible to be nominated for the award.
  7. the award be determined on an annual basis by decision of the Executive Committee at the February Executive Committee meeting.
  8. the award be presented at the Annual General Meeting and that the recipient have their name listed in the Members’ Guide and receive a framed certificate.

Please contact Executive Director Amber Mitchell (amitchell@bctf.ca) for any questions involving the criteria.

 DEADLINE: January 31, 2023

Complete the nomination form and send it by email to the attention of Amber Mitchell, Executive Director at amitchell@bctf.ca.

 You will receive a reply confirmation email that your nomination has been received.

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